Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Business Cards and Whatnot

  I took a day off from sewing yesterday for several reasons. The first and foremost was an unfortunate accident involving my pink dress that I'm supposed to be wearing to my friend's wedding.

  I tried it on, and for one, glorious moment... it looked lovely. Just lovely.

  And then...

  The zipper wouldn't come down.

   Let me say that again, so you can get the full effect:


  After a multitude of tears and shouting, 'This isn't funny!', I finally had no choice but to cut myself out of it. That's right, I had to rip a seam. 

  So I took a break the next day. And made these instead: 

Real live business cards. Not the kind you print out on regular paper than glue to card stock, but real live ones. 

Why oh why didn't I think of that before? I bought pretty paper from JoAnn's (where else?) on clearance and had it sitting in my drawer for the longest time. Then the idea hit me. Zinggg! 
Oh, and before I go, please take note: 

I am open for custom orders. 

Tell your friends.

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