Monday, April 9, 2012

Some Things

I had a couple awesome people ask if I were going to post any pictures of myself in the dress... so, here are a few ucky mirror pictures.

It was at night, before we went to Vigil mass. Like the incredulous expression? 


You can see my lace necklace in this picture. 

  To make this post beefier, I'm also posting pictures of two projects I did last week... 

A steam-punkish little summer vest. 

It has ties in the back! 

My new purse! I actually crafted it from an old dress that didn't fit too well. The fabric was far too cute to pass up!

Like the button? I do. 



  1. It's perfect on you! Beautiful contrast with your dark hair. The vest is awesome and I really want to steal that bag....the button is just delicious.

  2. That color is indeed marvlous on you! Sadly, I never can pull off those shades. I adore that vest as well!

  3. Ok. I LOVE the Easter dress. You did NOT tell me it was going to be that cute!! And I love the tilt picture. Can I have a copy? (Random, but you remind me of Amy Adams in that pic ... and that's a compliment. <3)