Saturday, April 21, 2012

Narnia Formal: Day Four

   A sneak peek of me in the dress:

Room's a mess, but you're not supposed to see that. 'k? 

It may not look like I did much since day one, but I have. 

For one thing, the trim is 75% sewn on, instead of being pinned in place.

The lining is completely together, with waist stay, boning, and garment loops in place. 

...and the hem is sewn, complete with the cool webbing that bridal studios use to hem their dresses. 

  This is probably the biggest project (construction-wise) that I've ever undertaken. I mean, I've never worked with any of the couture techniques I'm utilizing! This is something new and fun for me, and I'm really enjoying it.

I love how my new dress is coming along. Now, onto the sleeves! Hopefully by Thursday you'll be seeing an update. Mum and I can't work on it until mid-next week. 

And don't worry, you are definitely going to see pictures of me in the dress at the dance. 

That's going to be May 5th. 

I'm so excited.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Narnia Formal: Day One

  Actually day two, if you count cutting out and stuff. And that's really boring.

  Anyway, I'm so happy with the progress I'm making with my Spring Formal! After looking at all the colors together, I decided to call it my Narnia Formal... doesn't it look like something Susan or Lucy would wear?

Okay, really bad lighting. Really bad dress form. 

But... seriously, I love it.

 Oh, I know it looks awful right now. Raw, pinned to the dress form...

...but I have a good feeling about my dress this year. 


Here's the bolero I'm going to wear with it. Something tells me I'm going to be making cap sleeves for the dress and ditching the bolero, though.

...I love the grey rose fabric, though. 

See the $5 dress pouf that I can finally wear? I can't WAIT to wear this dress and dance in it. Fortunately, I won't have to wait long... just three weeks away! 


My lovely cluttered workspace. You can see boning, a bolero, beads, the lining, two machines, sketching supplies.... 

Gotta luvs it. 

Will post more!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lace Cuffs a 'Coming To Etsy!

Like them? They're my latest brainchild/creation. I made them with the intention of listing them on Etsy... 

But how could I? The little vintage button is so ducky. 


That being said, these will go on Etsy, but I'll be making some for myself.

These are the simple version, with one layer of lace and ties instead of buttons. 

You can wear them as wrist cuffs, but I think they'd fit much better at the elbow. Hence, they could be used for Georgian and Victorian outfits. 

These cuffs will be available on Etsy soon. Don't like ivory? Want buttons instead of ties? Contact me and we'll work out your perfect cuffs together!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Some Things

I had a couple awesome people ask if I were going to post any pictures of myself in the dress... so, here are a few ucky mirror pictures.

It was at night, before we went to Vigil mass. Like the incredulous expression? 


You can see my lace necklace in this picture. 

  To make this post beefier, I'm also posting pictures of two projects I did last week... 

A steam-punkish little summer vest. 

It has ties in the back! 

My new purse! I actually crafted it from an old dress that didn't fit too well. The fabric was far too cute to pass up!

Like the button? I do. 


Saturday, April 7, 2012

One Dress, One Day: My Easter Dress

I did it. 

Let me say that again...


One dress, one day! I got the fabric on Thursday, washed and cut it Friday, and sewed it up today. I'm so pleased with it!

This shall be my Easter Dress, which I will debut (ha, not really) tonight at the Midnight Vigil Mass, and all tomorrow as we visit friends and relatives.

 Lookin' forward to rockin' it!

And to all:

A Peaceful and Blessed Easter Season! 

'The strife is o’er, the battle done;
The victory of life is won;
The song of triumph has begun: Alleluia!'

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Easter Dress Project

  I have the PERFECT Easter dress planned!

The main two views of this dress combined... 

Made in this lovely fabric! 

The catch? 

I don't have either component in my house.

And what's worse... 

I won't have them until Maundy Thursday. 

Can you say *gulp*? 

BUT, I'm stubbornly determined to do it. Besides, I finished my 2010 Easter outfit on Holy Saturday, so why not carry on the tradition...?