Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sweater to Pillow: Refashion Tutorial!

  At long last, I have a new tutorial! So I had this really poorly fitted shirt with a really cute design on it...

  Well, I just hated it, so I just cut it up. With the intention of turning it into a pillow, that is!

You'll need: 

~Hated Sweater 
~Thread in Matching Color to Aforementioned Sweater of Derision 
~Sewing Machine 

Let's get started! 

 Line up the bottom edges of the sweater so that you get an even cut.

 Lay your yardstick across the sweater, right below the underarms.

Holding down the yardstick, draw a straight line from underarm to underarm. 


Cut the sleeves off at the armhole seam.

Then, cut down the sleeve seam, leaving you with... 

 ...the fabric you're going to make the ruffles out of! 

Use your yardstick and pen to make eight (four per sleeve) 1 1/2 inch sections on the sleeves.

You'll be making five lines.


 After that cutting and measuring, this is what you get! 

 Take those ruffle pieces and pin four of them them together like so. 

 Sew them up...

...and this is how they'll turn out. 

Repeat until all four ruffle pieces are attached. Do the same with the other four pieces you cut out. 

 Run a gathering stitch down each of the ruffle pieces and pull.

 You'll get a fluffy ruffle!

 Next, pin the ruffle to the edges of the pillow, making sure to only go through ONE thickness. V-e-r-y bad if you don't. My ruffles were so long that I got to do double... ruffles... *smirk*... on both sides. Adjust it and play with it until it looks right! 


 It'll come out like this. Revel in your rufflyness.

 Turn it inside out.

 Pin up one end, stitch. Turn it right side out again.

Stuff it with fluff or a pillow form. Your preference.

 Stitch up open end and...

ENJOY your new pillow! 

Hope you liked this tutorial! 


  1. I LOVE it...especially the ruffly border! What a great way to recycle Despised Sweaters.

  2. Great idea for those "stretched at the bottom or cuffs" sweaters. Love the ruffles!