Thursday, March 1, 2012

Little Hobbit Lassie

   Who's not excited about the coming prequel to The Lord of the Rings? I'm literally popping out of my skin over it! Well, just to add to the Hobbit-y fun that's been going on in cyberspace, I submit to you a Hobbit-ish costume I made a while back.

There are three layers of the outfit, broken down in the latter pictures of this post. 

 I made it for our film, The Chronicles of Tirisfal. But really, who's to say it's not a Hobbit ensemble?

I just loved making this outfit. It had so many delicious layers, it was like making a cake! 

Now for the breakdown of the outfit, taken on my ever-obliging dress form:

 Layer one: Shiny shirt with pretty lace. Not originally worn in the pictures above, but the sleeves add a nice touch.

 Here's a really bad detail pic of the lace. At the time of taking this, I had no desire to make the picture look good. It was just documentation back then. 


Okay, layer two: Frothy shirt of gauze with drawstring neck as well as ribbon and lace trim detailing. 

(amazing description, huh?) 

 This is the detailing on the aforementioned blouse.

And here it is, all together! 

This outfit has already been sold, but I'd love to make one for you. Contact me so we can discuss fabric and size!

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  1. Kind of has that Deutsche look to it. Almost like a dirndl! Very nice!