Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Edwardian Dresses...

...are to drool over. Well, that could just be me, but I am totally and 100% in love with Edwardian garb. It's inescapable now, with all this Titanic frenzy that has hijacked the costume world, but how can I resist posting pictures of Edwardian film costumes that I've been squeeing over the last few years?

  This isn't necessarily a costume wish-list, it's kind of just a compilation of my favorite costumes. 

Why shouldn't an 'Anne' ensemble be first on the list? Why not? Anyway, I love how timelessly beautiful this lacey shirtwaist is. Still classy today! 

 Christy. Huddleston's. Dresses. Are. AWESOME. Look at the detail in this dress! And wow ...look at that lipstick. I didn't know they stocked that color red in Cutter Gap... 

(I advocate the original Christy, by the by. Not that imitation they cast in the follow-up movies... sigh.)

While I hated Tuck Everlasting (kissy teen movies never really appeal to me), I loved Winnie's classic white dress. The lace insertion is quite lovely! 

What! You haven't seen the Story of the Treasure Seekers, with a brief cameo appearance of Keria Knightley as a little girl? Well, go watch it! It's a sweet adaptation of E. Nesbit's classic tale of the same name. In any case, I love the look that Dora has with this suit! Very lovely and so 1890's! 

 Same character, same movie; lovely dress. It's pale yellow, lacey, and positively ducky!

Oh, and this is a very bad screenshot from the BBC 1970's adaptation of Anne of Avonlea. It's so sweet... and to the book, actually. I love Diane's (on the right) sweet blue dress. Sigh. 

I want it. Really I do. 

Hope you enjoyed some of my favorite pre-to-post Edwardian dresses!

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  1. Oh my goodness! All of these are SO pretty!!!!! I'm in love with these costumes.