Saturday, March 24, 2012

1910's Tea Dress

  Being the costume fanatic (though not necessarily historically accurate, hem hem) that I am, I decided to make a 1910's dress for a spring dance that my parish holds every year. Needless to say, I was dancing all night, but I attribute that to either the dress or the new fragrance I was wearing.

  In light of the Titanic craze that has seized the costume world these past few months, I decided to post pictures of my dress! It's not necessarily from the film, rather, it's just a dress from the period.

 I love how many layers are in the skirt. It's just lovely... especially when dancing!

I used yellow, pink and white as my palette, but this dress can support an infinite variety of lovely colors!

 You can see how I tucked the skirt here... I think it adds a little more interest to the dress, no?

The dress has kimono sleeves, fabulously in the mode in the 1910's!

A somewhat blurry detail shot of the inset: I stitched little pearls in the center of the daisies.

Here's another shot of the front skirt, where the skirt layering can be easily seen.

The end is near, and so is the back of this dress: here's the detail on the skirt back. 


Did anyone catch that joke?

Hurry on over to my Etsy Shop to purchase this dress before it's gone! Don't like the colors, or not your size? Contact me and we'll talk about making a dress just for you!

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