Monday, February 20, 2012

Dressing Up

 This isn't really a costume post or a portfolio entry; rather, it's just a collection of dress up pictures of me and my friends having fun in costumes that I've/they've/we've made.

 Here is a friend and I enjoying an Edwardian photo shoot at my Aunt's 1893 manor house. I'll be featuring these dresses soon in their own posts!

Here we are again, in my Molly Gibson and Marianne Dashwood dresses.

We're about to go see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Dresses featured are my Susan Archery Dress, my Indispensable Underdress, and my Maid Marion Overdress. 

 Having some fun filming! My Elven White Lady dress is in the center.

Yes, we are Tolkien geeks. We all went dressed up to see all three of The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition showings. I'm wearing my Arwen Chase Dress for The Fellowship of the Ring.

 ...and for The Return of the King, I made the Eowyn White Wool dress. In three days. Details at this post.

During our filming of The Chronicles of Tirisfal, we did many posed photographs. Here is our attempt at an elvish 'hand shake'. Like? 
I'm wearing my Elven Blade Maiden dress, and the lad in the dashing boots is wearing my Elven Princes' Tunic.

You already know about my Elven White Lady dress, but the cute little green dress has yet to be featured in its post. You'll see it soon, I promise! But isn't this picture sweet? 

I'll end this rather long and picture-heavy post with some of my favorite beach pictures, which feature my 1914 Afternoon Dress! Based on this pleasantly fun experience of photo-shooting costumes on vacation, I think that I'll try and take a costume (or two) every time I go somewhere. 

Even Rome. 

Huzzah for costuming and traveling! 

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