Friday, February 10, 2012

1912 Tea Gown

  Let me be honest about it: I love the 19-teens. And not because of this one hundredth anniversary of the tragic sinking of the Titanic which is rocking the costume world; no, my love runs deeper than a mere trend. There is simply no era that compare with this last epoch of elegance- I mean, consider all the strange influences that blend harmoniously into the popular designs of the day. You've got considerable Asian influences (Kimono sleeves, prints, insets, multiple skirts), Regency influences (empire waists, hairstyles), and even some Grecian influences (chiffon tops and hairstyles)! Take all that gloriousness, put it together, and what do you get?

The 19-teens!

 And so, all that being said, I'll get on to sharing today's dress:

The 1912 Tea dress, designed by Amanda Kastner  for Sense and Sensibility patterns

I love it. It's just the easier pattern ever (five pieces, ladies- you can't beat that!) and it's just so elegant! 

I mean, it's just utter coolness. No zipper, no buttons... no nuthin'! Just pull it over and secure with a snap-on belt! 

You can see obvious Asian influences in the design of this dress: kimono sleeves, inset, multiple skirts... but I think the print is more of an English variety.


Ohhh yes, 1912 dress, I love you! I want to make another of this dress in linen. I think it would look quite lovely! 

This dress has already been sold on Etsy, but I would love to make another in your size and choice of fabrics! Feel free to contact me, my email's in the sidebar.

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  1. This is the dress I just bought! Oh, I'm excited!

    I agree there are some people who have jumped onto the Titanic bandwagon for this year, but will go onto another trend....I love the Edwardian era, especially the late-Edwardian era. I've been gushing non-stop over Downton Abbey's wardrobe.