Monday, February 27, 2012

Snow White...

  Note that this costume is not from any of the films, released or yet to be so. I made this little number a few summers ago, and I had fun wearing it. Problem is, I looked like something out a of Disney song, so I decided to let go of it.

 Isn't it giggly?

I mean, eyelet sleeves and lace up bodice, coupled with heart fabric? Fairy princess! 

 Okay, now time for the fun photo shoot with my lovely friend! 

 She's dreaming of a certain prince... a charming one, indeed!

 The dress rather mimics a German Drindl dress, yet while giving a fairy-ish aspect to it.

I must have said something funny, cuz she's smiling.


This dress is now for sale on my Etsy shop! Rush ladies, rush! If you find that it's not to your size or style of fabrics, contact me and we'll discuss how we're going to make the perfect fairy dress for you!

Friday, February 24, 2012

New Page Showcasing Detail Work!

  Just wanted to let you know about a new page I added: 'Special Work', which showcases the detail work I've done in the past on costumes. It's to give you an idea of my skill-set and just what I'm capable of- perhaps to encourage you to shoot me a custom order!

And not that I'm drawing attention to my talent. 

Uh-huh. You just know that I'm so humble and would never do that. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Damsel In Distress!

  Ooh yes, we ladies crave period dramas and 'damsel in distress' situations... those dreadful times when a young lady is captured by a dastardly villain who is bent on winning her heart- if not by love, then by force! Then, of course she is wearing a glorious dress, her hair is perfect, and she looks resplendently beautiful!

  Some may think that this is ridiculous and far-fetched...

...but I say the Dickens to it all. It really could happen. 

Now to today's dress!

  Yet another Elvish dress from our movie, The Chronicles of Tirisfal. I had intended this dress to look somewhat Arwen Coronation Dress-ish... but it turned out like this: 

 Isn't it cute?

 Here you can see the extensive bodice/upper sleeve detail. Yes, I really did put a lot of work into this one. 

 The lower sleeve had a lovely drape, and the skirt (though short on me!) was just the right length for the actress.

There was a matching belt... and un-matching flower socks. 

This dress already sold on Etsy, but I'd be happy and willing to make one for you in your size and choice of fabrics!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Dressing Up

 This isn't really a costume post or a portfolio entry; rather, it's just a collection of dress up pictures of me and my friends having fun in costumes that I've/they've/we've made.

 Here is a friend and I enjoying an Edwardian photo shoot at my Aunt's 1893 manor house. I'll be featuring these dresses soon in their own posts!

Here we are again, in my Molly Gibson and Marianne Dashwood dresses.

We're about to go see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Dresses featured are my Susan Archery Dress, my Indispensable Underdress, and my Maid Marion Overdress. 

 Having some fun filming! My Elven White Lady dress is in the center.

Yes, we are Tolkien geeks. We all went dressed up to see all three of The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition showings. I'm wearing my Arwen Chase Dress for The Fellowship of the Ring.

 ...and for The Return of the King, I made the Eowyn White Wool dress. In three days. Details at this post.

During our filming of The Chronicles of Tirisfal, we did many posed photographs. Here is our attempt at an elvish 'hand shake'. Like? 
I'm wearing my Elven Blade Maiden dress, and the lad in the dashing boots is wearing my Elven Princes' Tunic.

You already know about my Elven White Lady dress, but the cute little green dress has yet to be featured in its post. You'll see it soon, I promise! But isn't this picture sweet? 

I'll end this rather long and picture-heavy post with some of my favorite beach pictures, which feature my 1914 Afternoon Dress! Based on this pleasantly fun experience of photo-shooting costumes on vacation, I think that I'll try and take a costume (or two) every time I go somewhere. 

Even Rome. 

Huzzah for costuming and traveling! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another 'I Want' Costume

  This was rather a delayed response. I've been watching the Focus Feature adaptation of Pride and Prejudice for seven years... I really can't tell you how many times I've seen it.
  And now, I genuinely want Kitty's Green Pelisse and Pink Dress...

See the pretty one in the middle? That's the one.
You want it too. I know you do.

 I love how the sleeve cap is pleated instead of gathered. Fun! 

 Ooh, I loves it! I want this dress and pelisse... badly.

Same coat, just with the ruffle from the underlying dress exposed and the ties... tied. 


That was way witty. 

Er-humph. I wouldn't have quite so low...  
Expect to see more on this dress. Hopefully soon.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Summer 1914 Afternoon Dress

I love simple printed dresses, and you know I love Edwardian dresses. So, why not put the two together? This is what I got:

This dress is made from Mrs. Chancey's lovely pattern 

The skirt is very narrow, very typical of that year. 

 Lace, lots of button, and a satin sash... what more could a girl ask for?

There's also some embroidery at the neckline to give it a little accent. 

"...and then do you want to know what Gilbert did?" 


This dress is now for sale in my Etsy shop! Rush to claim it, ladies! However, should you find the measurements too big/too small, I'd be happy to accommodate you with your size and choice of materials.

Friday, February 10, 2012

1912 Tea Gown

  Let me be honest about it: I love the 19-teens. And not because of this one hundredth anniversary of the tragic sinking of the Titanic which is rocking the costume world; no, my love runs deeper than a mere trend. There is simply no era that compare with this last epoch of elegance- I mean, consider all the strange influences that blend harmoniously into the popular designs of the day. You've got considerable Asian influences (Kimono sleeves, prints, insets, multiple skirts), Regency influences (empire waists, hairstyles), and even some Grecian influences (chiffon tops and hairstyles)! Take all that gloriousness, put it together, and what do you get?

The 19-teens!

 And so, all that being said, I'll get on to sharing today's dress:

The 1912 Tea dress, designed by Amanda Kastner  for Sense and Sensibility patterns

I love it. It's just the easier pattern ever (five pieces, ladies- you can't beat that!) and it's just so elegant! 

I mean, it's just utter coolness. No zipper, no buttons... no nuthin'! Just pull it over and secure with a snap-on belt! 

You can see obvious Asian influences in the design of this dress: kimono sleeves, inset, multiple skirts... but I think the print is more of an English variety.


Ohhh yes, 1912 dress, I love you! I want to make another of this dress in linen. I think it would look quite lovely! 

This dress has already been sold on Etsy, but I would love to make another in your size and choice of fabrics! Feel free to contact me, my email's in the sidebar.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Refashioning Fun!

  After finishing two simultaneous custom orders last week, I needed a little break from heavy sewing. So, I rummaged through my spring wardrobe for things to refashion! Here's what I came up with...

 I got the applique from a bridal gown (*shocked murmur amongst followers*) and decided to pop it on this tee.

I stitched some tiny pearls and rosettes to 'jazz' it up. 

This one was a simple rose... 

Not sure what I'm going to wear it with, but it was fun to make! 

This one was, by far, the most fun to make. I resized it by cinching in the side seams, and I stitched two rows of lace down the front. I then put a pearl trim over that to hide the seam join. 

Yes... very girly!

This is what used to be a frumpy black turtleneck. I chopped the offending neck off, then split the shirt down the middle. A little hemming and stitching later, and voila! A new spring cardigan!

Like the lace? I do. 

Have some refashioning fun to share with everyone, ladies? Or just want to share your favorite tutorials? Comment below!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Marianne Dashwood Regency Dress

Ever find just the right fabric, but don't know what you're going to use it for? Well... this lovely fabric was hanging around for a little while before I finally used it. And guess what? It was a Regency dress! Of course!

 Sigh. I wish I didn't sell this dress. It was such a simple everyday dress with a lovely fabric...

I mean, how much easier can a drawstring Regency dress get? 

...AND with a built-in sash! 

Oh dear, now I want to make more Regency dresses.

On the side, if anyone attempts making this pattern, don't make the mistake of wearing without a proper Regency corset. It will not fit properly without it. 

...but there are two tutorials from Mrs. Chancey here and here on how to make the dress fit over modern undergarments.

This dress has already sold on Etsy, but I will be most happy to work with you to recreate another in your size and choice of fabrics!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happiness is...

...finding leather granny boots at Sally's Boutique for seven dollars.

Random? Yes. 

Off-topic? No. 

As you all well know by now, I'm a sewing addict. Moreover, I'm a late Victorian-Edwardian-Teens period addict, and I love wearing costumes from that era. But I've always wanted a pair of granny boots, and almost had a pair from Victorian Trading Co. (before they BROKE on me.. sheesh, never by cheap vinyl boots from them!) several years ago. That experience was like almost dying and going to heaven, only to come back to earth with a crash. 

Okay, maybe not so dramatic. BUT THEN... 

I saw these boots yesterday in Sally's Boutique (er-hem... Salvation Army) and I knew I had to have them. My dear Angel did the shopping for me and put these brand new, chocolate brown, leather uppers, GRANNY BOOTS in front of me as I was listlessly looking through the shoe section. 

I'm really in Edwardian heaven now! I can't wait to try them on with one of my costumes... heck, I'm even going to make a Beatrix Potter outfit to go with the shoes! Oh, oh! And SPATS too!

So, in conclusion, when I say that this post isn't off-topic... it's not. Well, not really. I guess it's because the shoes are inspiring me to sew more costumes. Prepare for Edwardian posts!