Saturday, January 14, 2012

Elven Blade Maiden Dress

Third in my 'Elven-Inpired Series' is a dress I made for myself for my role in the aforementioned fantasy film. Let me say that I loved this dress. It was so much fun to wear, and yes, I did fight in it. (I did pretty well, too! I took out three baddies in this dress!)

 Doncha love the flow of the skirt?

The dress itself is a lovely forest green with a golden sheen to it. 

The vest, yoke and sleeves were actually two skirts I scrapped. (You know you do it too)

(*eeeewww* She's... double jointed.) 
On the side, my friend crafted the bow, arrows and quiver for me. Bartering is cool.

I had a marvelously glorious time making and wearing this dress. 'tis a pity it's already gone and sold on Etsy... However, you can see the sheen on the back of the skirt in this picture.

AND for costumer buffs who want to get an instant-elvish look, just put a metal headband on your forehead and it looks passable. 

This dress is not for sale. However, should you desire this dress (and I know you do!), please contact me and we'll discuss size and choice of fabrics!


  1. hey Marlene, did you draft this pattern yourself? It's beautiful(:

    1. Actually, I didn't. It's Simplicity 4940:
      It was really easy and fun! :D

  2. Fun! I enjoy seeing all your costumes andn am in awe of your creativity in making them all.

  3. quick question: did you shorten the sleeves from the pattern?
    My sister and I are using this pattern for Eowyn's Sheildmaiden dress, and I want to be sure the sleeves are long enough(:

    1. I did indeed shorten then. The material I used was too short, so I decided to chop off a little length. If you look, the sleeves are square at the bottom. ;) I used the view 'B' sleeves from the pattern.
      I'd love to see the dress when it's finished!

  4. I love this outfit!!! You did a great job on it! :)

  5. Now that is epic. I wish I could sew costumes like this!! You're an excellent seamstress!

  6. By the way, on a more random note, I just watched the fantasy film you and your friends made, and really enjoyed it! Great job! I loved the different character roles. I actually make movies, myself, with my siblings/friends.

  7. This really is a wonderful dress! Do you have more pictures of it?