Wednesday, January 25, 2012


  My first and only Steampunk ensemble... so far! I had so much fun making this, but am not ready to part with it... just yet. I have to wear it to at least one cool event AND THEN Etsy shall be graced with it.

 My Steampunk alias is Dr. Jane Von Snyden, an Anglo-Saxon Antiquarian.
(Might it be cool to say that I really am an Anglo-Saxon?)

I did NOT make the blouse, cravat and skirt. Everything else (down to the cool monocle) was crafted by moi.

I have many medals proudly pinned on my jacket. (Which has detachable tails, by the by!) 

 Hand warmers? Edgy vest? Key earrings?  Coolness!

Look closely at the back of the vest! 

Ta ta for now! 

This Steampunk ensemble is not for sale (yet), but I can make you one in your size and choice of colors! Just contact me and we can discuss it in detail.


  1. I like the 'modern' take on a bustle.

  2. Ooo, I like! So very Sherlock Holmes.

  3. I am loving this!!! I amy be adding to my order when you decide to part with this, although i suspect it is too small for me :( You have done an amazing job.


  4. Sigh...STEAMPUNK! So awesome. It could totally be a movie costume. p.s. I'm a follower now :)