Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some Sewing Plans for 2012

  Face it, folks. It's the new year... with new things to do! I made a bucket list for this year, but since it's 102 items long, I'll spare you and go right to the sewing parts, as well as non-bucket-list-projects for this year:

Bucket List #8: 
Make a glorious movie costume for NO REASON WHATSOEVER. 

(I think this be it.) 

Bucket List #10: 
Make Jedi Robes and wear them. 

(That meaning Jedi robes from Knights of the Old Republic, much like that which can be seen in the photo above. Note my posture will be much more refined should I make and don such robes. Hem.) 

Bucket List #25: 
Make a linen medieval jumper. 

(Like that one, except in brown linen.

'90's Dress ReFashion 

(This is an AWESOME tutorial for those ugly, frumpy, '90's dresses you can find in abundance at thrift stores!)

Cowl Neck ReFashion

(Low-necked tee? No problemo, thanks to this tutorial!

Of course, there's about twenty-billion projects that I'd love to get done this year... this is rather touching the tippy-top of the ice burg here.

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