Thursday, January 26, 2012

Molly Gibson Inspired Tea Dress

   It's not really a Molly Gibson dress, it's just inspired by one of her white dresses. I made it to attend a summer tea party several years ago, and now it's happily in the hands of a fellow Austenite. Without further gab... the dress! 

 Before your jaw drops, I did NOT do the embroidery. It was a pre-done piece of embroidery. I still have some, if you want a dress!

 We had fun doing this photo shoot!

Here's the back of the dress (slightly). You can also see the little train in the back. 

 And now here's me in the dress, playing Mrs. Darcy on the piano. Appropriate? Yes!

Oh come now, even Lizzie must have had her sassy moments... like this... 

This dress has already been sold on Etsy, but if you should like one of your own, you have but to drop me a line and I'll be most willing to craft one in your size and choice of fabrics!

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  1. Lovely dress!! What a beautiful, flowing style!

    Happy sewing,