Friday, January 13, 2012

Fallen High Lord Costume

  Wow! The response to my last post was great, thanks everyone! Okay, since the elven costume seemed to hit over big, I'm posting the second in my elvish costume series! Today's costume is one that I created for an evil character for our fantasy film, Shadroth Icehart. The costume is quite similar to yesterday's, being a simpler and more broken-down version.

 Overall, it's just a tunic with a belt, and the actor supplied everything else.

...YES, he is wearing makeup. The effect works, and his eyes look sunken and... yech. Never mind. 

If you can see that well, I tore apart the lower edge to make it seem like the tunic had been worn for an untold amount of time.

I braided some yarn and hand-stitched it around the neck, making a design at the base of it. 

This last shot is in here because it's awesome. 

This costume is not for sale, but I can custom-make you one in your size and choice of fabrics!

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