Monday, January 30, 2012

Eowyn Inspired Dress

  You know how in the spring of 2011 they released the extended versions of The Lord of the Rings in theaters? And you know how I'm a LOTR fan...? Well, I went to all three showings... dressed up. The first week, I already had my recreation of Arwen's Chase dress (I will post pictures of this one soon!) on hand, so I went in that. The second week, I threw together a Hobbit costume out of ready-made costume pieces, and then... I had nothing for the third week! So, I whipped together an Eowyn inspired dress in the total of three days.

...I will never do that again, but here's the result:

As you can see, it's not screen-accurate... but passable. I was going for the White Wool look

It was made of a strange polyester knit, actually. It was all I had on hand... but it actually draped nicely, so I wasn't that angry with it. 

On the side, it does look very elvish... more elvish than an Eowyn dress, actually. 

You can see the drape of the sleeves in this picture... I actually drafted them myself (shocked amazement) with the help of a picture. 

I did embroider it, too! I couldn't help it... I love the details, even if I only have three hours to do it in! You can also see the bodice shaping here. 

The skirts were delightfully full as well! Very swooshy and fun! 

This dress already sold on Etsy, but should you want one, please contact me and we'll talk size and fabric! 

(...better fabric than what I used, don't worry!)


  1. How perfectly lovely! It's AWESOME that you went to the LOTR showings dressed up and I am very impressed that you pumped out that dress in 3 days! Bravo!

  2. One of my favorites! I love the fairy tale look- so fun- do you mind if I ask how much you would charge for a dress like this?

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