Monday, January 16, 2012

Craft Night, Jan 14th, 2012

  As you can guess, I sew... a lot. And sometimes, I get tired of sewing and want to do something different for a change; so, on Saturday night, I indulged in some crafting! It was so much fun that I want to do it more often- a change of pace like that was nice and relaxing for me. While watching Downton Abbey (please know that there are issues with it before watching it!), I did the following crafts:

From Disney's Easiest Necklace Ever Tutorial. It really is the easiest (and cutest) necklace! I just skipped painting the lace first; it was a good color to begin with. Can't wait to pair this up with something sweet!

From Nina's Pearl and Lace Bracelet Tutorial.The only thing I did differently was to substitute the materials- yellow ribbon for mock leather and cats-eye beads for pearls.

From Nina's Pleated Bead Necklace Tutorial. Can I say enough how EASY this was? 

I did one more craft, though: 

Lace earrings! Huzzah! But, since I kind of just did this on my own, I'm going to be doing my FIRST TUTORIAL on it. Come back tomorrow for the exciting post! 

None of these crafts are going to find their way to Etsy, but should you want to custom order one, please do so by contacting moi!


  1. I am having a sewing day today while watching Downton Abbey! I am rewatching the entire first season this afternoon--just taking a break here to eat something and read some blogs I like to follow.

    We are haing snow this week in Seattle, and since I do not drive in snow in general, and we live on a hill where our street is very icy, I am homebound this week and sewing. So, as much as I dislike the snow (unless skiing) i do love the snow day excuse to stay in and sew all day long :)


  2. Oh fun!! Gee, 'sewing snow days' sounds like a WONDERFUL thing! We just have frozen rain here. :D And since I've got a few custom orders, Etsy projects and things of my own, I guess I'm in the same boat!
    Haha, Downton is so intriguing you forget to eat. :)