Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nifty Tricks: Patterns

Ready? Here's part of my pattern library:

 I'm evil, I know... and there are more, but I just wanted to give you a general idea. NO, I did not spend thousands of dollars on this collection. Rather, this has been accumulated over the years, thanks to a certain special-and-most-favoritest-store-ever, JoAnn's. Sign up RIGHT NOW for their mailing list. Not only will you be in the know about amazing sales and get really cool coupons, but you'll often see this:

  99 cent patterns! A dream come true! Rush out every time you see this and get as many patterns as your heart so desires... and soon, you'll have an amazing pattern library too! Usually, they'll limit you to only 10, but think of it this way: every time the sale comes around for that particular brand, you'll be able to increase your pattern library by 10 patterns... for 10 dollars. Not bad, eh? And, you can reduce your time in the store by researching the patterns you want prior to going to the store online. I bookmarked the 'Big Three' a while ago, and frequently check back to see if any new or interesting patterns are available. Then, I write down the ones I want, and when I go into the store, all I have to do is find them and be on my way! Here are links to the 'Big Three':

Simplicity Patterns
The best and most well-rounded company. I prefer them over the other two; they have amazing costume patterns, as well as great clothing patterns. Most of the patterns in my library are from them. I recommend them 200%! 

Butterick Patterns
Butterick definitely has a smaller selection than Simplicity, but they have some pretty good historical clothing patterns. Their clothing patterns are all right, nothing special. 

McCall's Patterns
If you're looking for a costume pattern, DON'T look here. You'll be sadly disappointed. But, they do have some nice clothing patterns, so peeking in their inventory once in a while is usually worth it. On the whole, I'd say they're not the greatest though. 

Hope you enjoyed the first in my 'Nifty Tricks' series! I hope to help other sewers (sewists?) by introducing some of the tips and tricks that I use everyday in my sewing life! Have some tips to share? Post them in the comments below!

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