Friday, December 30, 2011

Maid Marion Dress

Ever since I got this fabric, I was dying to turn it into an overdress. Finally, I did, and I paired it up with my favorite (and only) underdress for this photo shoot:

The brown overdress is view B of McCall's 4491


 The cream/tan underdress is from view A of Simplicity 1532


And the chicken? Well... it's not for sale.  

...though it did attempt escaping from the medieval damsel.

Though this Maid Marion overdress has already been sold on Etsy, I am open for commissions of it, in your size and choice of fabric!


  1. Very Beautiful dress, I like this dress.

  2. Checking out your blog, and I have to say I adore this dress! It also reminds me of something out of Eowyn's wardrobe, it looks great, especially with that high-necked underdress.


  3. Thank you everyone! I loved this dress, and I wish I hadn't sold it. It's on my bucket list for 2012 to make a brown linen version of it... for keeps. ;)