Saturday, December 31, 2011

1914 Afternoon Dress

 Might I say that this pattern is one of my most favoritest of my extensive pattern library? I love it. There are just so many options... fellow seamstresses, tailors all! (or should I refrain from being so close-minded and just say sewists?) You must purchase this pattern to make your library happy and complete, for surely without you will never find true tailoring peace!

  Enough of the dramatics... now for the dress. This particular photo shoot is my favorite of 2011, being that it was taken on the beach at America's first resort, Cape May, NJ. Just so you know, it is a Victorian beach resort to this day. Lovely, eh? (I meant the beach, not me.)

Can there be anything more pleasurable than sketching quietly on a beach?

This picture is full of Anneish tragedy.

My friend Milissa made her own outfit... 

...and we dolled her little sister up to add to the fun.
Ladies! Ladies! Attend to yourselves... your ankles are showing!

Picture perfect!

 I can be commissioned to make a 1914 Afternoon dress in your size and choice of fabrics!